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Garuda Mask Tibetan Buddhist Bronze Handcrafted from Nepal Very Detailed Large

Garuda Mask Tibetan Buddhist Bronze Handcrafted from Nepal Very Detailed Large

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- The garuda is a mythical diety with spiritual significance in Hinduism and Buddhism. - Garuda is shown with a snake in its beak. This symbolizes the predominance of the intellect or spirit (the garuda) over the baser human instincts (the snake)--or, in other words, the conquest of evil (ignorance) by good (wisdom). 

- In Hinduism, the garuda is the "mount" of the god Vishnu (each deity has an animal that he or she rides). So to ride the garuda suggests mastery of the power of primordial wisdom.

- Associations: main quality is wisdom, fully realizing your true potential, dominance over the sky, and the fire element.

- Hand crafted by 7th generation Nepalese artists.

- Usually found outside of Buddhist and Hindu temples as a guardian deity.

- Traditionally hung over the main entrance of the house, his wrathful appearance deters evil spirits and negativity, it can be also hung as a wallhanging. 

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Width 10 Inch x 7 Inch Length

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