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Genuine Mahakala Tibetan Buddhist Conch Horn Hand carved from Nepal

Genuine Mahakala Tibetan Buddhist Conch Horn Hand carved from Nepal

$ 495.00

Mahakala, is a wrathful emanation of Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva of compassion in Buddhism and wrathful Shiva in Hinduism. This tutelary deity is one of the most powerful Dharmapalas ( Dharma protectors) in Vajrayana Buddhism who defends the Dharma from corruption, degeneration and from forces hostile to it. The deity helps the practitioner  to remain free from impure thoughts and actions, and guide and protect those who call upon him from all kinds of deception, delusion and negativity. Mahakala bestows the power to overcome life's struggles and eliminate obstacles and impediment that hinders one's well-being. His wrathful appearance is to terrify and subdue the negative forces. One can evoke Mahakala's blessings by chanting his short mantra, OM MAHAKALA HUM PHET, when in fear and uncertainty.

Size : 6.75 Tall x 4.5 Wide

Handcrafted by nepalese artisan.

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