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Green Tara Goddess Circular Tibetan Buddhist Pendant TIBETAN SIVLER

Green Tara Goddess Circular Tibetan Buddhist Pendant TIBETAN SIVLER

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Tara - in Sanskrit, or Dronjang in Tibetan, is the Goddess of  compassion who protects you from all fears and negativities. She is saluted as the noble, exalted, swift and glorious liberator. 

Dronjang is the primary female deity in the Tibetan Buddhist pantheon, and one of the most worshipped deity in Tibet. She represents the motherly aspect of Buddha's love and active compassion to all beings. 

Green Tara is the goddess of earth in her most dynamic manifestation. Her color symbolizes youthful vigor and compassionate activity. Her open right hand signify extreme generosity, left hand granting protection and right leg extended to symbolize readiness to stand and come to aid those who call for her help.

Her Mantra "Om Tare Tutare Ture Svaha" is one of the most widely chanted prayers in Buddhism, and it is her special powers that helps all beings to overcome dangers, fears, and anxieties. Tara  grants success by removing all obstacles and fulfilling all good intentions.  

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